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What is Tower Defense?

Tower Defense is a UT2004 Mod inspired by the custom Tower Defense maps from Warcraft 3. The goal is to defend the castle against waves of enemies by building towers.

Oct 8, 2005:
TD has moved to trueshot.net!  So please update your bookmarks!

Sept 9, 2004:
2 new maps have been released.

Check our forum for new pics of TD-DevilsRoad and the Screenshots section for pics of TD-Rehabilitation.

Sept 5, 2004:
TD Beta version 1.01 released!
Download either the UMOD or the ZIP here.

The UMOD is self-extracting, the ZIP is manual installation, and an alternative if the UMOD does not work for you. Check forum for changes from v1.00.

Sept 4, 2004:
TD Beta version 1.00 released!
See the Documentation for more details.


Monsters are invading the castle. The King has hired you, a mere engineer, to fortify the defenses. There are various towers you can build to stop the enemy. Each tower is unique and comes with its own specialty. They can also be upgraded to cause more damage, to be faster, and to have more range. The monsters attack in waves and get stronger with each wave. Also, as a reward, the King agrees to pay you a sum of money for each monster you kill, and also a bonus at the end of each wave.

Defend by yourself in single player, or play with 3 other friends online.

Requires Unreal Tournament 2004 installed to play.
If the Custom Gametype does not show up, you might need the latest UT2004 patch.

Current Version Info (20 MB)

-25 waves of monsters
-25 unique creatures
-Hit points of creatures increase with each wave
-Every 5 waves of monsters are bosses that have a large number of hit points
-7 different towers, each with unique abilities
-online cooperative play with up to 4 players
-2 maps, with more coming in the near future
-custom game configuration
-difficulty voting


-Code, Effects, Maps by Seelan Vamatheva.
-Artwork, Sounds, Music by Daniel Yu.
-Site and Documentation by 'Knight' and 'Eclipse'
-Portal Tower, Boulder Tower, and Outer Castle Walls by 'acc'.
-satoreMonsterPack by 'satore'.