How to Play

Download TD:
Monsters are invading the castle. The King has hired you, a mere engineer, to fortify the defenses. There are various towers you can build to stop the enemy. Each tower is unique and comes with its own speciality. They can also be upgraded to cause more damage, to be faster, and to have more range. The monsters attack in waves and get stronger with each wave. Also, as a reward, the King agrees to pay you a sum of money for each monster you kill, and also a bonus at the end of each wave. Good luck!

The Castle:
The castle is a strong and sturdy structure, but the people inside are not so durable. If a monster gets into the castle, a life will be lost. At the start of the game you and your teammates can select the difficulty.
Everyone can vote on the difficulty. Whichever mode has the most votes will win. If it is a tie, the lowest tying difficulty is selected. When everyone has pressed the Ready button, the game will start. If no vote is cast on the difficulty, the game will start at Normal mode.

Requires Unreal Tournament 2004 patched to the latest version to play.
To install the game, double-click the TowerDefense.ut4mod file,
extract the TD.zip file into UT2004 directory.
When you extract the TD.zip file, make sure it appears as follows:

C:\UT2004 <--- main game directory
C:\UT2004\TD\ <---- TD directory

That is how its supposed to look like. If you get C:\UT2004\TD\TD\ and then all the subfolders in there, then you should move all the stuff inside the second TD folder to the first TD folder.

To uninstall TD, simply delete the TD directory.

How to play:
Defend by yourself in single player, or play with 3 other friends online.

To play single-player:
-run UT2004, go to 'Community', then 'User Mods', select Tower Defense and activate it
-run 'tdrun.bat' from the UT2004\TD\ folder

-now choose 'Instant Action', then choose 'Custom Gametype', then choose a map

To host a game online:
-execute 'tdserverstart.bat' from the UT2004\TD\ folder
-run UT2004, go to 'Community', then 'User Mods', select Tower Defense and activate it
-run 'tdrun.bat' from the UT2004\TD\ folder

-then go to Join Game, and choose the server
(Game is best run at a resolution of 1024x768 or better)

To edit the game options:

-Under Game Rules, make sure the View Advanced Options box is checked
-Click the Edit button next to TD Game Configuration

These are the default keys. You can change the configuration by opening up TDUser.ini, searching for the keys in the brackets [...] and changing the name associated with them.

Name Keys Description
'MoveForward' [W] Move Camera Forward
'MoveBackward' [S] Move Camera Backward
'StrafeLeft' [A] Move Camera Left
'StrafeRight' [D] Move Camera Right
'CameraUp' [R] Move Camera Up
'CameraDown' [F] Move Camera Down
'ZoomOut' [C] Zoom Camera Out
'ZoomIn' [Space] Zoom Camera In
'Fire' [LeftMouse] Select/Deselect Tower/Unit, Do Button Action
'MiddleMouse' or 'Alt' [Middlemouse] or [Alt] Free Camera Rotation
'AltFire' [RightMouse] Cancel Action
'MouseEdgeScroll' [N] Toggle Mouse Edge Scroll
'MonsterHealth' [H] Toggle Show Monster Health
'HotKeyDisplay' [G] Toggle Hot Key Display
'ResetCamera' [V] Reset Camera View

-The mouse can be used to move camera by moving cursor to the edge of screen.
-Pressing the middle mouse or holding alt and moving the mouse will allow for free rotation of camera.
-You can select and click on a unit to attack it manually.
-Splash damage towers can be manually made to hit the ground.
-The cursor target turns green or red depending on the range of fire for the tower.

Tower Commands:
'ArrowTower' [1] Build Arrow Tower
'IceTower' [2] Build Ice Tower
'FireTower' [3] Build Fire Tower
'CrystalTower' [4] Build Crystal Tower
'BoulderTower' [5] Build Boulder Tower
'PortalTower' [6] Build Portal Tower
'Trebuchet' [7] Build Trebuchet
'ManualAttack' [I] Manual Attack Select
'AutoAttack' [O] Turn Auto-attack ON/OFF
'Sell' [P] Sell Tower
'Power' [J] Upgrade Power
'Speed' [K] Upgrade Speed
'Range' [L] Upgrade Range
'Special' [B] Upgrade Special Attack

These links will open in a pop-up window:
Click here for an image of the interface when a tower is selected.
Click here for an image of the interface when a tower is not selected.

-Build towers by selecting their icon or pressing the keys associated with them
-After selecting a tower to build, you will get the 'ghost' of the tower, which is used for placement
-You can still cancel the building by right-clicking or choosing another tower
-If the ghost turns red, the area you want to place on is not valid
-You can only place on areas where the ghost turns green
-Valid areas for placement are non-pathing terrain and on flat terrain (not other towers)
-You can press the 'use' [E] key to do grid-like placement
-Grid-like placement only works near other towers
-Upgrade buildings by clicking on their attributes
-Sell buildings by clicking on the sell button or pressing [P]
-You can toggle attack/stop state for buildings by pressing [I]/[O]

Arrow Tower
The castle's basic line of defense, it is an inexpensive method of stopping the attackers.  Can be upgraded to shoot deadly poison arrows, which shave the life off foes depending on their current hit points.
Initial attack: Normal Arrows
Special: Poison Arrows
- Percentage damage over a period of 7 seconds
- Loses base damage
Building Cost: 50 Gold
Level Cost Power Cost Speed Cost Range Cost Special
1 0 50 0 1 0 1500 1500 1.0%
2 75 150 25 2 15 2500 2500 2.0%
3 150 400 - - 30 3500 4000 4.0%

Ice Tower
Magicians of the frigid arts imbued their spiritual powers into these snowy structures.  The Ice Tower fires bolts of cold energy, slowing enemies down.  With additional research, these bolts can be upgraded into an icy blast that hits and slows groups of monsters greatly.
Initial attack: Ice Bolt
- Single Target; Reduces movement speed to 50/35/25% for 3 seconds
Special: Ice Blast
- Area Effect; Reduces movement speed to 50/35/25% for 3 seconds. Can attack specifically targeted area.
Building Cost: 25 Gold
Level Cost Power Cost Speed Cost Range Cost Special
1 0 25 0 0.5 0 1500 500 250
2 25 50 50 1 50 2500 1000 750
3 50 100 - - - - 1500 1200

Fire Tower
Gaining the cooperation of the neighbouring towns' blacksmiths, they and the castle's high wizards combined their talents to create a fiery force to rival that of volcanoes. This tower emits a jet of blazing fire on creatures that dare pass its range.
Initial attack: Flamethrower (Area Damage Effect)
Special: Can attack specifically targeted area.
Building Cost: 500 Gold
Level Cost Power Cost Speed Cost Range Cost Special
1 0 100 0 5 0 1000 - -
2 1200 300 - - - - - -
3 3500 1200 - - - - - -

Crystal Tower
Great crystalline statues were carved by ancient powers to store vast amounts of power. Only recently discovered, these monoliths exhibit awesome energies that even the most masterful of the arcane arts can merely utilize a fraction of the Crystal Tower's full fury.
Initial attack: Crystal Beam
Special: Divine Lance
Building Cost: 350 Gold
Level Cost Power Cost Speed Cost Range Cost Special
1 0 600 0 0.5 0 2000 7000 10000
2 1500 2000 100 1 150 3000 13000 20000
3 2000 5000 200 2 - - 20000 30000

Boulder Tower
Geomancy had been a forbidden art of the kingdom, but desperate times sought the assistance of Nature. The call was answered by stones of benevolence, and boulders of crushing mercilessness. The Boulder Tower roots itself in the ground and casts an arm of hardened earth on its enemies.
Initial attack: Boulder Punch
- Single Target; 20% chance to stun enemy for 2 seconds
Special: Boulder Smash
- Area Effect; 20% chance to stun enemies for 2 seconds
Building Cost: 150 Gold
Level Cost Power Cost Speed Cost Range Cost Special
1 0 550 0 0.5 0 550 1000 800
2 300 1000 125 1 - - 7500 2000
3 700 3000 - - - - 20000 5000

Portal Tower
Space and Time magic is one of many forbidden arts. The reason was the unpredictability of the effects on its subjects, and the minds of its practitioners. Still, the Portal Tower proved effective in displacing monsters temporarily, despite unusual side effects.
Initial attack: None
Special: Dimensional Prison

- Automatic 3% chance to capture any monster on the field
- holds a monster for a maximum of 10 seconds
- probability increases of monster being released as it continues to be held
- owner receives 50% of monster's worth in gold per second
- cant attack the creature while its in the cage
- creature will be released on one of the spawn points and will move twice the normal speed towards the castle
- monster that is caught cannot be caught again
Building Cost: 1500 Gold
Level Cost Power Cost Speed Cost Range Cost Special
1 - - - - - - - -
2 - - - - - - - -
3 - - - - - - - -

Short-range tactics had ease of simplicity, but long-range tactics had yet to be employed. The Trebuchet kept the castle's defenders safely inside their walls while the attackers were left dodging hail after hail of fiery rocks.
Initial attack: Fireball (Area Effect Damage)
Special: Can attack specifically targeted area. Minimum range 4000, maximum range 5200.
Building Cost: 7500 Gold
Level Cost Power Cost Speed Cost Range Cost Special
1 0 7000 0 0.5 0 5200 - -
2 10000 18000 - - - - - -
3 25000 40000 - - - - - -

-25 waves of monsters
-Hit points of creatures increase with each wave
-Every 5 waves of monsters are bosses that have a large number of hit points
-They spawn at 1 of the 4 locations (or more depending on number of players in game) and travel towards the castle
-You cannot block them by building towers in their paths
-Each monster you kill earns you a bit of gold; there is also a large sum of gold given to each player for each round completed

-Best to start off with a few Arrow Towers and upgrade them
-Have Ice Towers covering most of the paths to slow the enemies
-It is recommended to upgrade speed rather than power sometimes because its cheaper and sometimes more effective
-Click on creatures to see their health graphically
-Teamwork is very important, if the castle's health becomes 0, everyone loses, so please play cooperatively

-Code, Effects, Maps by Seelan Vamatheva.
-Artwork, Sounds, Music by Daniel Yu.
-Site and Documentation by 'Knight' and 'Eclipse'
-Portal Tower, Boulder Tower, and Outer Castle Walls by 'acc'.
-satoreMonsterPack by 'satore'.

End of Documentation.